So after three months of weekly releases of Incrementalism I’m not sure of what I will be doing with myself.

The album can be downloaded for free by putting in your email address on this page, or just downloading them through soundcloud below.



My time in the studio continues, here is another new track. I really wanted capture that electronic sound that I grew up with, I think I got it… it might need a bit more mixing, but hey for the meantime… not bad. I find it a bit of a shame that this style of dance has gone by the wayside… maybe it takes certain combinations that are a little rare these days.

Have a listen:


Now that I have some free creative time and I don’t have to work on my album anymore I’ve been able to have some fun in the studio. It is very freeing to not have a directed purpose and be able to let the creative juices flow. I suspect there will be a bit more to come in the next few weeks.


Incrementalism is done! it’s been almost four years of on and off work and I am finally sending it off to get mastered. I have been through so many different stages while working on this album, so I don’t think I’ll be able to re-create this exact style again. I’m really excited to release it and look forward to getting the mastered versions back. Next steps: get some artwork done and line up a launch.


Success means different things to different people, and obviously none of them can be wrong. Is the way that you measure success based on things that you can influence? or even control? I have learned a lot about music throughout my artistic endeavours. Pitch, rhythm and texture is what makes up music, but there is still more. It’s hard to quantify or even qualify things like energy and emotion. I have learned a lot about people through music, what people like to listen to really shows the head space that they are in. You can tell a lot about a person from their music collection. But I have learnt the most about myself through music. I have learnt to create my life in the way that I create my tracks. I have learnt to balance my mind as I balance the mix, and I will master my life as I master my music. I have struggled with my time as I have to work to live, I want to be with friends and play games and have fun. I also find it easy to spend hours and hours in the studio working on music and sometimes just keep doing it with few people hearing the result. So what is my success? is it the musical result? What is the measurement of my success? is the people that hear that result? What do I control? What can I influence? Who can I reach? I am looking for me in the crowd.


I was going through some of my old files and found this track from the good old Caraki days. I thought I’d give it a bit of a polish and put it out on display. After all this time it is still a track that has a special place in my heart. You can download this track for free, please do, I promise that it’s a creeper.


Friday is from my EP ‘Big Showdown’ available on iTunes Store:

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I’ve finished my ‘work in progress’ tracks for ‘Incrementalism’. I am planning to release it  next year. I have had some good news with the opening track and permission to use the vocals… I can’t quite put it up to play yet so you’ll have to use your imagination.

A picture of my brand new studio setup with all of my favourite things

Finally, Ive set up my new studio after moving!

After the move to Brunswick East, I have had some time to set up my studio in the most sonic practically multipurpose way. I am enjoying the fresh listen to my tracks and space in the room. This change has come in time for the new round of students that are starting fresh too. It’s good to be back in the studio, even more so that it’s new :)


Creativity isn’t something that is reserved for anyone. I believe there is a misconception that there are creatives and non-creatives. Anyone can be creative, but there are a couple of things that hinders creativity. Fear and doubt are the biggest congestive to creative flow. There is no such thing as bad creativity, and bad ideas are only bad in comparison to better ones. It takes time and practice to come up with a good idea, and a lot of work to make a good idea work. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it makes makes a damn sight better. I have said to a lot of my students “Don’t practice until you’ve got it right, practice until you don’t get it wrong!”… and I’m still practicing. Start practicing your creativity today, and just keep it up. You’ll be amazed what it can do for you and your mind!

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